Sunday, April 3, 2016

Upcoming Promotions

 Here are some upcoming promotions on my books.

On April 10th, my new release Jimmy Funtime, will be featured on Free Kindle Books and Tips for .99 cents. But, if you read this blog, and you're interested in committing to posting a review, you can get a free review copy here at Reading Deals.

On May 8th, the 3rd book in the series, Artist, will be available for .99 cents on Kindle Nation Daily, and an accompanying email blast from
For the entire month of May, Origins will be on sale for 99 cents

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Classroom Visit/Beta Reader

 I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students about writing. You'll have to forgive my pleasure in this. It was the first time I've ever done anything like that.

 I went into it with a few goals. I wanted to shock them, give them something gory to sink their teeth into, in the hopes of eliciting some kind of reaction. So, I picked one of my short stories, Revenge and Redemption, which appears in Horror Murder Life War, my collection of short stories. I chose that story because it's my first short story, and it's rough and unpolished and showcases enough shortcomings to give me some talking points.

The kids were awesome. They picked up on a lot of the shortcomings, but to my surprise, they uncovered some things even I hadn't considered, and I wrote the damn thing. I was able to get them talking and the whole thing was way too short.

My main goal was to get across the critical thinking that goes into writing anything, including the value of time and rewriting and especially the work that goes into it. If you believe writing is easy, God Bless You, you've been given a gift I haven't. Anyway, the whole experience was great and it highlighted the need for beta readers. I've got a few but probably not enough. If you're interetsed in becoming one, drop me a line.

Jimmy Funtime

It took a while but the release of Jimmy Funtime, the fourth book revolving around psychic Cassie Reynold, is finally available on Amazon. You can check out the book page here. Cassie is making her way in the world, though the going gets rough.

Cassie is not much different than any of us in that respect. She has to grow up, get a job, and weave her way through the confusing world of adult relationships. That's not easy for anyone but it may be even more difficult when you're constantly facing some type of evil. Well, back to Jimmy Funtime.

Cassie, of course, is now deeply involved with Homicide Detective Kurt Dupond (who is aching for his own series) and like all of us in a relationship, learning new things all the time. In this case, Cassie discovers a case that haunts Dupond because it remains unsolved. Or maybe because it's the murder of a young girl just beginning her life, something that would change anyone.

Knowing Cassie, she won't be able to keep her nose out of it, and as always, things are going to get complicated quickly.

She sees things others don’t. When an unsolved murder touches off the hunt for a serial killer, Cassie Reynold takes it upon herself to set things right. The case may be cold, but for Cassie the vision is fresh. As for Jimmy, he just wants to have some bloody fun.